Creating Vision Boards

I’ve witnessed how vision boards work for my friends so this time, I thought I’ll give it a try when our mentor suggested it. If you have read the popular book, The Secret, you’ll understand the power of visualization. 

By creating a vision board to display what you want and place it in a space where you see it often, you’re unconsciously performing a short visualization exercise throughout the day.

Creating a vision board is not a rocket science and there aren’t any rules. You just need to remember that the purpose of your vision board is to focus on how you want to feel and bring it to life. For example, if you put a Tag Heuer watch on your board, you want to look at it and visualizing yourself wearing it. How do you feel about that?

You can have one vision board or a bunch of them. It’s really up to you. Do what make sense to you. I personally prefer to have just one vision board so I can focus all my energy on it.

What You Need for Your Vision Board

  • Any kind of board you can easily get from your local stationery store. You can use cork board or poster board.
  • Scissors, pins, glue and any other tools like colour markers or glitters that you want to decorate your board.
  • Printed images of what you want or magazines that you can cut images from.

How to Create Your Vision Board

  • You can do this alone or make it a family/ group activity.
  • Play some nice relaxing music in the background and diffuse your favourite essential oil to set the mood.
  • Just cut the images you want and arrange it on your board. Feel free to move it around until you’re completely satisfied with the look of it before you begin pinning or sticking them.

The Power of Visualization

If you can’t even picture it, there’s no way you can ever achieve it. Look at your vision board on a daily basis and visualize yourself already living in your dream life. If you want to live in a large mansion, picture yourself already in the mansion. What is the layout like? How many rooms do you have? Do you want a pool or garden or even both? Don’t keep your dreams to yourself, share it.

To help you to believe that you’re able to achieve your dreams, you need to share it with people especially those who are closest to you and you know they will not humiliate your dreams. As you keep saying it, you will eventually believe it more and more. Keeping your dreams to yourself is an excuse to not achieve it. When you share it with others, you will have to be responsible in ensuring that you can make it happen or else it will be just like NATO (No actions, talk only). Now go on and tell your dreams to others. If you have absolutely no one to tell it too, you can tell it to me. I’ll be all ears.