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7 Types of Energy Suckers to Avoid On Social Media

I’m a social media enthusiast. As an entrepreneur, marketer or even as a consumer, I live and breathe social media. It connects people to family, friends, like-minded people, potential clients and suppliers/ vendors. At the same time, unfortunately, it also connects people to the wrong crowd where we ended up wasting our time and effort communicating with them. These are…

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Cape Town Vacation Withdrawals

I’m always a fun, loving and positive person but I do get depressed every now and then especially when I just came back from Cape Town and from scuba diving. I’m glad to be home where I get to see my family and friends but I also left my dear friends back in Cape Town. I don’t know when I’ll…

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Sick Upon Arrival in Cape Town

21 December 2011: We were at KLIA at midnight, waiting for our flight to Cape Town, South Africa. I was feeling exhausted and uneasy all of a sudden. When we boarded, it was confirmed that I had a fever coming. I was sick upon arrival, making me real mad. It sucked to be sick on holidays. My friends picked us up…

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