Yesterday I was hosting the BookPeckers (formerly known as Business Book Club) gathering at Big Bad Wolf book sale. It was a special ad-hoc event organized in conjunction of this book sale.

At this gathering, we were to shop for the books in the morning and then proceed to the gathering at 2.00 p.m. to share with the rest the books we buy and what compelled us to pick those books. I have actually attended the preview last Thursday so I have already bought some books. Therefore, I only shared briefly on two books that I was really looking forward to read, Wikinomics and The Facebook Effect.

This time around, I managed to get another four books, where one of them is more like a coffee table book where I randomly flip through just for something to read during my breakfast. That would be The New York Times Practical Guide to Practically Everything.

Our sharing session and discussion on the books yesterday was quite interesting. Some of us buy books based on recommendation, some of us based on the authors and some of us (I’m talking about me) based on whether or not the book is a bestseller.

Now that I’ve added a couple of more books to my collection of almost 2000 books, I better start reading now! No time to waste!