Relying on that sparks of ideas is useless when we don’t know when it will happen. My ideas could come at any time like when I’m on the verge of slumber or when I’m sitting in the toilet…(yeah exactly my thought.) Afraid not though. Design inspiration is available everywhere!

Instead of waiting for ideas to strike, you can look for sources of inspiration on these amazing platforms where I find incredible artworks and designs by others.


It’s THE social networking platform that I would recommend for artists and designers to find design inspiration. This is largely because it serves like vision board(s) that doubled as a visual bookmark in which you can pin anything from the Internet that you’re interested to revisit or work on later.


I only begin to use Instagram to post my casual sketches and drawing practices. That’s beside the point, it’s not about what I post but what other artists and designers posted on their profiles. There are so many beautiful artworks you can check out by following them or certain relevant hashtags.


Behance is a design portfolio website by Adobe for illustrators and designers to showcase their work. It’s a huge collection of artworks by really talented artists and designers that you can check out. It could be all the design inspiration you need in one platform!


This platform has an unbelievable display of works in design, illustration, photography, fashion and everything art-related. 


This is Pinterest for artists and designers. It’s solely focuses on visual artworks and designs by talents around the globe. I like its wonderful clean and minimalistic grid-based platform. 

The bottom line is to surround yourself with amazing designs online and offline. However, if you can’t get out of your home for whatever reason, I hope the platforms I listed help. Do you know of any platforms that are not listed here? Feel free to share it in the comment section.