There’s a huge list of blocks that we all face in our lives that hinder our success. But if you group them together, it all boils down to these 3 major blocks that we should focus on overcoming. These major blocks can be on its own or you could also argue that one is related to another.


Whether it’s a fear of rejection or fear of failure, we have the tendency to let fear stop us from achieving what we want in life. We’re worried about the what-ifs. What if they think I’m pushy? What if the business fails? What if I embarrassed myself? What if I lose tons of money?  Yes, these things could possibly happen but we’re letting it stop us from making even the first step. If we don’t even dare attempt it, how would we ever know if it would ever work out?

We should think of all the outcomes, regardless of good or bad as lessons or feedback. When we don’t view of the outcomes as rejection or failures, we will have a better chance at succeeding simply by learning from it and finding better ways to do things.


Being a perfectionist myself, I could totally relate to the numerous times perfectionism stopped…or rather, still stopping me in my tracks. Perfectionism gives you a message that you’re not good enough, you’re incompetent and the world is going to judge your flaws. It keeps you obsessed with the act of self-editing or polishing, agonizing over the details that don’t necessarily matter.

We must continue to remind ourselves that nobody is perfect and it’s okay to not get it 100% right the first time. It doesn’t define who we are. It only means that we’re not quite there yet and still in progress.


As mentioned earlier, these major blocks can be inter-related. Your fear of something or wanting to be perfect can also be a sign of you feeling insecure. When something is unfamiliar, we feel like we’re venturing into unknown territory. Fear starts to creep in along with our insecurity of not knowing what will happen. We feel that we need to prepare ourselves and have plans after plans (perfectionism kicking in) in order to ensure 100% success rate (which almost never happen.)

Insecurity comes from the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves. We need to replace those limiting beliefs about our capabilities to liberating beliefs that we can do great things and make things happen.

Life happens regardless of whether or not we’re taking control of our destiny. If we don’t overcome these major blocks that deter us, we will find ourselves stuck in the same position and just going through the motion in a meaningless and purposeless life. It’s time for us to consciously “dig out the trash” in our head and fill it with beliefs that propel us forward.