Being Nice is a Choice, Not an Obligation

For the kind, friendly and generous peeps out there, it’s an easy choice to make to be nice. It’s like a built-in programme where your default mode is to be nice to anyone you come across and even nicer to the people you love and care about. It almost feel like you’re obliged to be nice. That’s a good thing…

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My Struggle with Perfectionism and How I’m Overcoming It

If you were a self-aware perfectionist, you would understand my struggle. Why self-aware? Well, some perfectionists are not even aware they’re driving themselves and others crazy. They probably don’t even realize that their circle of friends is getting smaller. Perfectionism is a double-edged sword. It can be a good thing. You wouldn’t want, say a mediocre surgeon performing surgery on…

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3 Things Homepreneurs Wish Family and Friends Understood

If you’re a homepreneur, you could probably relate to this. While running our business from home have many advantages, there are some challenges other than the business itself. It can be quite emotionally draining having to deal with family and friends who don’t understand how we work.  There’s an article by Kevin Daum published in with the title 6…

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Who are Homepreneurs and What do They Do?

Homepreneur is not a term you find in dictionary, at least not yet. It’s a combination of the word “home” and “entrepreneur” to describe an individual who start one or more businesses, self run or manage by a small group of people (usually family or friends) from their home. Homepreneurs are on the rise right now but they are often…

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I'm annoyed with the OCD me!

Migrating Old Posts and Re-arranging My Blog…..Again.

I’ve been blogging since 2009 and the work of re-vamping my blog is endless. I’ve changed my blog title, re-organized the categories, edit or delete my old posts and even separating posts into a few different blogs just because they didn’t fit into the theme. I ended up not progressing very well as I got tired after spending so much…

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33 Questions to Ask Siri and Her Funny Responses

[Image credit:] Siri is an Apple’s voice assistant for iPhone, which was first introduced with the iPhone 4S back in 2011. Whenever I was bored, I had fun asking a bunch of silly questions just to have a good laugh at her responses. Now, Siri has evolved to be more sophisticated and more responsive. Here are some of the…

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Things to Prepare and Consider Before You Hire a Web Designer

5 Things to Prepare and Consider Before You Hire a Web Designer

Whether you’re revamping your existing website or starting a new one, preparation will save you time and money before you engage in the service of web development company to work on your project. This is also partly applicable to those of you who is savvy enough to develop your own website. Having managed numerous web development projects, understanding a client’s…

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Making the Best of My Sunday

I had a really lazy Sunday morning. I was rolling on the bed for about 15 minutes before I finally got up. By the time I was done with breakfast, it was already 10.00 a.m. I didn’t have anything plan but thought I would just get some work done. It started raining around 2.00 p.m. so I decided to just…

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