Are You Ready to Go from Being an Employee to an Entrepreneur?

The journey from an employee to an entrepreneur is a tough one. While it might appear to be easy when you witness the success of the likes of the late Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Tony Hsieh and to name a few, it’s not easy at all. If you read about their journey, then you’ll know that it takes hard work, dedication and lots of sacrifices made to be where they are now.

In my original circle of friends, there are not many entrepreneurs. Original as in like the people I’ve known since high school or from workplace, not the entrepreneurs I got to know when I became one. No doubt many of them aspire to be one and some even took the steps but they fell back into employment because they were not ready.

Of course back then I wished I knew enough to provide them with guidance but I was also struggling in my entrepreneurial journey and was in no position to give any advice. I didn’t know enough and certainly didn’t work smart enough. The only thing I knew was hard work, 24/7 and my determination to never go back into employment.

So, if you’re thinking of getting out of employment to be an entrepreneur, be sure to cover all grounds and be ready for the challenges up ahead. Here’s a checklist in infographic by The Founder Institute to help you get started.


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