Who Am I?


Three things I’m passionate about: writing, designing and marketing.

I was in the training and development industry as instructional designer and training programme coordinator for 8 years before I decided to call it quit late 2013. I ventured in the what I call the creative field, further pursuing my interest in writing and my new-found love in computer graphics.

I’m currently pursuing my Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). Professionally, I’m a Certified Training Professional from ARTDO and trained in the use of Human Performance Technology (HPT). I’m also a Certified Impact System© Coach (NLP, Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy™).

At this point of time, I couldn’t ask for a better life. I work from the comfort of my home, only meeting partners and clients occasionally. I spend 24/ 7 with my partner, my cute lil Miniature Schnauzer I named Coffee (cos I’m a coffee lover) and 4 guinea pigs (one just passed away early September 2014.)


“Jacqueline assisted me in landing several great corporate training jobs throughout Asia and the Middle East. She was extremely friendly, helpful and professional and I greatly enjoy working with her. I recommend her without qualification.” ~Chris Neumeyer, Managing Partner, Asia Law (July 2, 2013)~

“Jacqueline is a very conscientious and detailed person. She can work effectively on tight constraint and schedule. Definitively an asset to work with.” ~Michel Gagne, Owner, Coaching & Training Asia Sdn Bhd (June 26, 2013)~

“Jacqueline is a trustworthy person who delivers what she promise. I am working with Jacqueline for international assignments since 2010 successfully and can recommend Jacqueline to everyone in her field of profession. I like the most that Jacqueline is going the extra mile to support my needs and requirements! Thanks a lot and all the best for your business.” ~Peter Wyss, Founder & CEO, PMCC-INTERNATIONAL Sdn Bhd (March 17, 2013)~

“As a long-time Facility Maintenance (Reliability) Management Consultant and Trainer/Lecturer, I can name Jackie as one among the brilliant people that I have propitiously worked with. This dynamic, multi-trained lady certainly packs the essential professionalism, job savvy, vision, and many other fine qualities that help conduce to the successes of our number of instructional projects together. Her remarkable (built-in) role-playing efficiency, surely, makes our seminars/ workshops’ instructional proceedings a lot organized for the ultimate benefit and satisfaction of the general clientele.”~Efren Mañez, Consultant/Book Author/Trainer/Lecturer-Technical Audit,Maintenance(Reliability),& ERP/SAP/PM Mgmt. (March 10, 2013)~

“Jacqueline is your best bet on bringing in business. She is a bubble of energy, dynamic, people savvy and has her heart and mind in the right place. She has an excellent knack for synergising creative and meaningful activities both at work and personal front. Jacqueline is a imminent resource who will be able to connect you with the right people and resources. She works at an admirable pace and best of all is her kind and empathetic personality which I adore the most.” ~Kruthiga Permar, Assistant Manager, Design and Development, SIDC, Securities Commission (January 13, 2011)~

“Jacqueline is an exceptional individual; perceptive, quietly brilliant, patient, resourceful, compassionate and wickedly funny. I met her for the first time approximately two years back when I was first invited to speak at a branding conference she organised and was very taken by friendliness, efficiency and professionalism. Her compassionate leadership shone through her team members who were all just as resourceful, optimistic and helpful professionals. I jumped at the chance to work with her again several months later and enjoyed it immensely. I highly recommend Jacqueline for project management as her ability to strategise, lead and execute are indeed great qualities to be found in a young individual.” ~ Melissa Chong, Group Marketing & PR Manager, Leolaris (M) Sdn Bhd (August 10, 2010) ~

“Jacqueline is a dedicated, committed and focus person. She always seizes every opportunity to step up and take the lead. She has a great learning attitude that makes her an ever-growing and dynamic lady. Having her in a team is a great honour and being able to work together with her is a joy. She’s a gift to everyone around her.” ~ Cheanu Chew, Founder, CEO & Founder, Platinum Networkers (March 8, 2009) ~

“Jacqueline is a wonderful person to work and be friend with. If there is someone that can think outside the box, is professional and efficient in business and personal life, is fun to work with, goes the extra mile, and builds long lasting relationships with clients and customers, than this is Jacqueline. I highly recommend her, if you want to get something done!” ~Andreas Dorn, Trainer, Consultant and Coach , Asia Mind Dynamics Sdn Bhd (September 20, 2008)~

“Jacqueline is a very professional and and effective Conference Development Manager for ABF. She is detailed oriented and will follow up with all matters to ensure the smooth running of events as well as taking care of the speakers. Jacqueline can communicate very well either by phone or mail and she is flexible enough to fix last minute changes without problems.” ~Kenny Ong, Vice President, Corporate Strategic Planning & Development, CNI Holdings Bhd (September 14, 2008)~

Author, Writer and Online Entrepreneur